Nick Jacobsen takes off from Richard Branson's private island rooftop, clears 300 feet of land. Photo: Screen grab

Nick Jacobsen takes off from Richard Branson’s private island rooftop, clears 300 feet of land. Photo: Screen grab

Nick Jacobsen, once described as a crazy kitesurfer, is a professional kitesurfer who pushes the envelope when it comes to kitesurfing, attempting what some describe as insane tricks—like launching from a crane, for instance, something he's done at least a couple of times.

The latest stunt involved launching from the rooftop of a house on the private, 74-acre island owned by billionaire and adventurer Richard Branson, who is a kitesurfer himself.

"Having done a lot of foolish things in my life I'm not one to tell him what to do and what not to do," Branson said on the video. "But we're all here to watch it. It should be the most incredible sight."

The "incredible sight" from Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands was captured Sunday from numerous angles:

Branson blogged about the amazing feat, writing, "Nick launched himself from 131 feet above sea level, from the roof of the Great House. Everyone held their breath as he cleared more than 300 feet of land—including a zip line and jungle—and travelled 500 feet to land upright in the water on his board. A huge cheer broke out as he hit the water and kited on across the blue BVI sea.

"As a keen kitesurfer myself, I was in awe—blown away by Nick's courage and style."

When Jacobsen rejoined the group on Necker Island, he turned to Branson and said, "That was fun, so what's next?"

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