“Well kids, don’t try this at home,” Jesse Richman said with a huge grin on his face after completing a 35-foot kiteboard jump.

Most rational human beings probably would not be tempted to try this anywhere, but in March when Richman found himself in Cuesta del Viento dam in San Juan, Argentina, he used the opportunity to fly into record books.

Winds were as strong as 35 knots an hour when Richman launched himself from one side of the dam to another, over the heads of dozens of spectators.


Jesse Richman launched into the air to clear a 35 foot jump in Argentina.

Richman told Red Bull he believes he broke a world record, but the Guinness World Record association doesn’t have a kiteboarding jump record.

If it did, we’d wager that Richman broke it.

He made the jump without a helmet, which he later said he probably should have worn.

“Safety equipment is key! But normally if you crash on water, a helmet actually makes kiting more dangerous for impacts and neck injuries,” he said. “However, for this jump it would’ve been a great idea and if I’d had one there I would’ve used it, for sure.”

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