Mexico’s Rafael Ortiz has become the second person to plunge in a kayak from Washington’s Palouse Falls and paddle safely to shore. At 189 feet, Palouse Falls is 17 feet higher than Niagra Falls.

The feat would have tied a world record but because Ortiz was thrown briefly from his kayak upon impact it’s merely a remarkable accomplishment that produced an adrenaline rush for the ages.

“Let’s face it, it’s pretty scary, man!” Ortiz stated on the Red Bull website. “It’s pretty far from human limits. You’re not supposed to do these kinds of things!”

Montana’s Tyler Bradt, 34, is the record holder for negotiating the same waterfall in April of 2009.

Ortiz, 24, is working with fellow paddler Rush Sturges on a documentary titled, “Chasing Waterfalls,” which entails conquering some of the biggest waterfalls on the planet.

The daredevil started running giant waterfalls five years ago and prior to conquering Palouse Falls he safely descended the 130-foot Big Banana Falls on the Alseseca River in Veracruz, Mexico.

Of the moment of impact at Palouse Falls Ortiz said, “It’s a pretty big hit. Your natural reflex is to be terrified and to close your eyes, hug yourself and your boat and pray. “But what you have to do is keep your eyes open , and really focus on your target.

“You need to end up hugging your boat and lean as far forward as possible, flat on the boat. You have to hold on to your paddle as well. There’s so much happening when you land that you can end up behind the waterfall so you have to have your paddle. The impact wasn’t so bad, though. I think I’ve had worse from other waterfalls.”

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