Introducing the Instant Shotski

You never know when the party is going to start

With the adhesive-powered Instant Shotski, any ski turns into a party

With the adhesive-powered Instant Shotski, any ski turns into a party

When it comes to skiing and drinking, the shotski is the hottest item out there. A ski with four to five shot glasses attached, the shotski is an instant party starter perfect for the bar, the outdoor patio, or the parking lot.

But the ski isn’t easy to clean, the glasses get grimy quick, and the party-starter quickly turns into a nasty Petri dish of who knows what. Luckily a couple of guys from Boston are one step ahead of us, introducing a simple yet effective design to alleviate the grime: the Instant Shotski. The Instant Shotski is essentially a series of quick-mounting adhesive brackets that you can easily attach to a ski. According to creators Brian Miley and Ben Huggins, the brackets fit most regular-size shot glasses, but also provide a release system so glasses can be washed after use.

The idea seems simple, but the duo has boiled it down to a digestible science, making the process easy for the rest of us. Originally the Instant Shotski was a for-fun project, but after it was received so well, the pair had to take it to market. The Instant Shotski kit, which includes four brackets, is available at for just $29. If you’re looking to be the life of the party next year or even this summer (just because the snow is done, doesn’t mean the shotski is, right?), grab a Instant Shotski kit pronto.