If you’re a hiker who likes to bring along your own wildlife, the Green Mountain Club of Vermont has created just the guide for you.

“Hiking With Dogs” is a four-part video guide to help both two- and four-legged hikers safely navigate the wilderness.

Hosted by former Green Mountain Club president Richard Windish and his dog Jack, the series covers everything from trail etiquette to doggy apparel (fleece in the winter is recommended.)

The guide begins with practical tips for day hikes and concludes with how best to navigate longer backpacking adventures with your mutt. All the experts interviewed for the series, from veterinarians to dog trainers, are also hiking enthusiasts.

The Green Mountain Club maintains a portion of the well-traveled Appalachian Trail, and the guide includes interviews with trail caretakers on what they see, and prefer not to see, with regards to canine hikers.

“Believe it or not, we might get more questions about hiking with dogs than any other–with the exception of how to get to the trailhead,” said Will Wiquist, executive director of the Green Mountain Club.

Check out the entire guide here

Videos via Green Mountain Club