Hikers cross flash flood in Zion National Park with a little help

“Flash floods are common in Zion and hikers have been stranded, injured, and even killed by venturing into narrow, flood prone canyons.”

One of the most popular hikes in Zion National Park is The Narrows of Zion Canyon. It can also be one of the most deadly due to the possibility of flash floods.

When the potential for flash flooding occurs, the National Weather Service issues a flash flood warning and the park closes The Narrows until further notice.

Such was the case last Saturday. Unfortunately, several hikers were already wading up the Virgin River, which slices through The Narrows.

As the river rapidly swelled, crossing it became a dangerous hazard and many hikers needed assistance. Jonathan Gonzales of Maui captured footage of his brothers and nephew forming a human chain to help during the tense moment:

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A man carried a small boy on his back and another boy held close to his father as they crossed while Gonzales' family stood side-by-side guiding them to the other side and back to the trails.

"People were panicking, but it was a fun adventure and others started helping," Gonzales wrote on Instagram.

"[It was] exciting for me cause I love adventure. But heart-warming when we saw that others started to help us help the rest of the people that were struggling to get through.

The Narrows of Zion National Park in calmer conditions. Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

"I was mainly blocking logs and trees that were coming down. So they wouldn’t knock down other people, and stopping the current a little so it’d be easier to cross. And my brothers and nephew were helping to get them across by pulling them and acting as support.

"Everyone made it back safe. Just super muddy and with a good exciting fun experience."

FOX 13 reported that no injuries were reported, which isn't always the case.

"The Narrows are susceptible to flash flooding because much of the surrounding area is bare rock that does not absorb water," the Zion National Park website reads. "During storms, runoff is funneled rapidly into The Narrows. During a flash flood the water level rises almost instantly--within seconds or minutes. Flash floods are common in Zion and hikers have been stranded, injured, and even killed by venturing into narrow, flood prone canyons."

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