In Slobozia, Romania, there is a replica of the Eiffel Tower that stands at 177 feet, about a sixth of the size of the real monument.

Free climber Flaviu Cernescu thought the Romanian replica would make good practice for the real deal, so up he went.

“One day I want to climb the real Eiffel Tower so before doing that, I want to take the chance of doing this one in Romania which is smaller but still very interesting and challenging to do,” he said.

He didn’t use any safety equipment. Cernescu wore a GoPro and had a drone capture his ascent.

Eiffel Tower replica

Flaviu Cernescu used a selfie stick at the top of the 177-foot tower in Romania, even though he said there was a sway at the top.

After making it all the way up, Cernescu celebrated with a selfie, which he admits wasn’t easy.

“This tower has a sway at the top. If you move a lot, then it starts to move,” he said. “If you’re still, then it calms down.”

The most difficult part of the climb is getting back down because “you have to guess where you place your limbs,” Cernescu said.

He climbed the replica earlier this month and hasn’t announced when he plans to attempt the real one in Paris.

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