Freddy Krueger MasterCraft

Freddy Krueger aims to soar 300 feet at Millennium Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Aug. 8. Photo: Courtesy of MasterCraft

When your nickname is Freddy Krueger, you're bound to draw comparisons to a certain homicidal maniac with a penchant for striped sweaters. But luckily, the real Freddy Krueger, a legend among the sport of skifly, is a pretty chill dude.

But that changes once he's in competition mode on Saturday, Aug. 8, when he attempts to shatter the current world skifly record by sailing the length of a football field at the World of X Games: MasterCraft Throwdown, held at Millennium Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For the uninitiated, skiflying is a ramped up version of waterski jumping maximizing speed and power. Krueger will be pulled from a 105-foot rope attached to a 570-horsepower MasterCraft ProStar boat.

"The boat will be going 45 miles per hour as I enter the course, and then I will do a kind of 'crack the whip' and try to get my speed up around 80 miles per hour when I hit the bottom of the jump, which is 6-feet tall and 24-feet long," Kruger says. "If I can resist all that pressure and speed when I hit the ramp, I'll do my best to kick off the top off it and ride the wind to see if I can go 300-feet down the lake."

The MasterCraft Throwdown is billed as a first-of-its-kind wakeboarding competition, bringing together eight of the world's best athletes, who will compete for medals and the largest single event prize purse in the history of competitive wakeboarding.

Outside the competition, in a separate event, Krueger, Waterski magazine's 2014 Male Jumper of the Year, will attempt to break the current Guinness World Record of 299 feet, set by Jaret Llewellyn in 2000.

Before now, he says the very specific environmental conditions and venue needed to attempt the 300-foot jump hadn't presented themselves.

"It just always left a dirty taste in my mouth, like we never got to show the world what we were capable of."

A five-time World Jump Champion and 11-time Masters Jump Champion, Krueger thrives on competition (Hence his nickname, “The Nightmare on Jump Street"). At 40-years-old, he'll be the oldest competitor at Saturday's event, but he's feeling as good as he did on his skis a decade ago. And the fire inside him burns just as brightly.

"This opportunity to try and get back out here and try to go 300, and show the world what that looks like, it's one of my life goals quite honestly."

World of X Games: MasterCraft Throwdown Presented By Marine GM airs live Saturday, Aug. 8 at 2:30 p.m. ET on ABC. For tickets and event info, visit

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