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Swiss cyclist Francois Gissy has clocked 207 miles per hour on a bicycle, breaking the world speed record for bicycles. He covered a quarter mile in less than seven seconds on a rocket-powered bicycle designed by his friend Arnold Neracher, breaking his own record set last May. Gissy was seated atop a hydrogen-peroxide-powered rocket with three thrusters fastened to the frame of a long but otherwise ordinary-looking bicycle. "The Swiss Rocketman" set the mark on the famous Circuit Paul Ricard located at Le Castellet in the south of France, with his peak speed was attained after around 250 meters. In the process he also convincingly defeated a Ferrari F430 in a drag race.

Francois Gissy

Francois checks out his steed pre-race. Photo: www.facebook.com/swissrocketman

Francois Gissy world record

The Ferrari was no match for the two wheeled-rocket machine. Photo: www.facebook.com/swissrocketman

Francois Gissy

Gissy gets ready for a leisurely bike ride in the south of France.

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