A baby elephant sipping water from a pool next to an adult elephant, perhaps its mother, accidentally fell into the deep end of the water prompting a rescue effort like none you have ever seen.

Heartwarming video from a closed-circuit TV at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, captured the teamwork of two adult elephants as they helped lead the baby elephant to safety, as reported by News.com.au in Australia:

The first adult elephant appeared to panic, not knowing what to do to save the baby as it reached out with its trunk. The second elephant that had apparently been feeding near some trees heard the commotion and raced over knowing exactly what to do.

It nudged the panicked elephant toward the walk-in entrance to the pool, then both raced into the water and, with the baby in the middle, kept its head above the water and finally shepherded it toward the shallow exit.

Two adult elephants charge into the water to save the baby elephant.

"Parents of the year" wrote one online commenter.

There was also a third elephant beyond a fence that was clearly stressed over the scene as it paced back and forth. In the end, the baby was safe and sound, much to the relief of all the adult elephants.

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