Departing cruise ship creates tsunami that destroys docks, boats

Captain of cruise ship needs some driving lessons.

The Carnival Vista, the largest cruise ship in Carnival's fleet, pulled out of the Port of Messina in Sicily, Italy, recently with quite the head of steam, leaving an estimated $280,000 worth of damage in its wake. Literally.

As the 134,000-ton cruise ship pulled out of port, its engines churned up the water and created a mini-tsunami that slammed into the Marina del Nettuno.

The strong wake overturned concrete docks that sank boats, as shown in the amazing CCTV footage above provided by the Daily Mail.

The $780 million cruise ship that launched in May continued on its merry way apparently oblivious to the destruction it left behind, according to Russia Today and Ansa. An investigation is underway by the Messina harbor master.

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The Carnival Vista is over 1,060 feet in length, has 15 decks and can carry up to 4,000 passengers. The Daily Mail reported that Carnival is the parent company of Costa Cruises, which operated the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that ran aground in Tuscany and killed 32 people in 2012.

Francesco Schettino, the Concordia captain, was sentenced to 16 years in prison for manslaughter after abandoning ship during the disaster.

Fortunately nobody was reported injured in this mishap. Still, it was financially costly and definitely proved that the captain could use some driving lessons.

Editor’s Note, 9/8/16, 3:13 p.m.: A previous version of this story stated that the cruise ship is worth $780,000 when in fact its correct value is $780 million. We apologize for the mistake and have since corrected it.

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