British Prime Minister David Cameron has made a routine out of vacationing in the coastal city of Polzeath with his wife Samantha every summer since 2010, where the two regularly bodyboard and take in the natural beauty of Cornwall county. Unfortunately for the couple, there was a little more in the water than expected.

According to The Times, the couple was bodyboarding in diluted sewage.

The company South West Water confirmed that raw sewage flowed into the waters of Polzeath beach twice on Sunday following heavy rains and once on Wednesday.

The Camerons, for reference, were photographed bodyboarding Monday and Tuesday, and experts say that given the fact that people engaging in water sports tend to ingest a large amount of seawater, there’s a strong chance the PM may have consumed sewage bacteria.

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As you might expect, the reaction in Britain to this revelation wasn’t exactly subdued:

And while the toilet jokes will no doubt keep flowing, there is a legitimate risk that the British PM could get sick from the experience.

“If the Camerons were swimming within the time frames of a spillage they might well be at risk,” David Smith, campaign manager for Surfers Against Sewage, told The Times. “There could be anything from a small health risk such as skin, eye, ear or throat infections to much more serious conditions such as E.coli or hepatitis, which can be present within raw sewage."

Smith also noted that the average surfer or bodyboarder takes in 200 milliliters of seawater on average every time they go surfing, a fact that likely won’t leave a good taste in Cameron’s mouth.

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