A mid-season musing of the ASP World Tour
Now that we’re at the midpoint of this year’s ASP World Tour, Surfer magazine has posted a gallery of the world’s top 13 surfers and what they mean to the title race. “The ultimate competitor has returned to the top of the ratings,” wrote Surfer’s Shea Lopez of Mick Fanning, who is pictured below and who is currently ranked No. 1. “If you watched Mick’s progression through the event at [the Billabong Pro] Teahupoo, then you know how his will to win comes into play when the chips are down. We are watching a sporting legend operating at the top of his game right now, and when an athlete of his caliber finds himself at such a position, it’s wise to just sit back and enjoy the show.” Check back with Surfer for updates on the next event in the World Tour, the Hurley Pro, which is set for Sept. 16 in Trestles, California. To view the full gallery, click here.

Photo courtesy Surfer, Peter Joli Wilson

Baby Cobras’ D.J. Struntz
As part of their ongoing Baby Cobras contest–which provides aspiring surf journalists the opportunity to showcase their work and win a trip to Hawaii’s North Shore–Surfing magazine is featuring the story of one of their senior staff photographers every week. This week’s photographer is D.J. Struntz, who got into the business in a roundabout way–via a graduate degree in biology. “I moved to Wrightsville Beach, [North Carolina], and there was this whole crew of sponsored guys that took me under their wing. I would go shoot them when the waves got good. Right around that time I met [legendary surf photographer] Aaron Chang, who was pretty inspiring and got me really motivated to shoot while working on my graduate degree in biology.” His photo below is of Julian Wilson in Bocas del Torro, Panama. To view a gallery of Struntz’s favorite work, click here.

Photo courtesy Struntz, Surfing

How to navigate a river rescue
Canoe and Kayak has released episode 5 of its Rescue for River Runners series, which offers viewers information on how to implement whitewater rescue techniques. Episode 5 covers techniques for swimming, wading, or paddling out towards a victim. “We all know that it’s very important when we’re in fast-moving water to keep our feet up. [If] we try to put our feet down while we’re moving downstream there’s a possibility that we could get our foot stuck or entrapped, so we use specialized techniques when we’re wading to help reduce the likelihood of foot entrapment,” said Quebec-based Esprit Whitewater Worldwide founder Jim Coffey, who also founded Rescue for River Runners, a river rescue training program. To watch the video, click on the play button below. To access a link to the first four episodes, click here.

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