Get to know Sun Valley, Idaho, with Bike magazine
Bike magazine‘s Heavy Pedal Tour–which follows the antics of “Natty and Trey” as they attempt to ride the best mountain biking trails in North American–recently made a stop in Sun Valley, Idaho. In addition to the video documenting the stop that Bike posted last week, they posted this gallery of photos, along with Natty and Trey’s report of the famous mountain biking hotspot. “The views went on for miles, and we could see the trail switchback down the other side of the mountain, into a green valley,” the duo wrote about a 20-mile ride. “It made our hearts flutter with joy and our stomachs turn, just a little, knowing that those steep switchbacks were for us! Big smiles, all the way down! The ride made its way through the most quiet and serine valley of tall, lush green grass. We could not believe our eyes.” To become even more envious of Natty and Trey while you are sitting at your desk, not working, click here.

Photo courtesy Bike, Devon Balet

Meet Surfing magazine’s Corey Wilson
As part of their ongoing Baby Cobras contest–which provides aspiring surf journalists the opportunity to showcase their work and win a trip to Hawaii’s North Shore–Surfing magazine is highlighting the work of one of their senior staff photographers every week. This week’s photographer is Corey Wilson, who has managed to visit Australia, Brazil, mainland Mexico, and Nicaragua in the mere six months he’s been working at Surfing. The photo below of pro surfer Cory Lopez comes from a gallery Wilson shot in Mexico of Lopez and pro surfers Oliver Kurtz and Bruce Irons. “We spent seven days over there and scored some great waves,” Wilson wrote. To view the gallery, click here.

Photo courtesy Surfing, Wilson

Dirt Rider’s guide to installing your front wheel
Dirt Rider magazine’s Dr. Dirt is your go-to source for all things motorcycle tech–and with his step-by-step guides, your bike repair and maintenance is a lot easier than you may think. The doctor’s most recent post is on installing the front wheel of your bike: “Following the right steps to install the front wheel is one of the most important things you can do to your machine in terms of safety and suspension performance,” he wrote. “When your front wheel is installed incorrectly, your forks work poorly and cause wear on expensive parts. But if you follow the rules [posted here] and perform them in order, wheel installation is pain free.”

Photo courtesy Dirt Rider