Most people would find being entombed in ice frankly terrifying. And then there are the willing visitors to Kemi, Finland’s SnowCastle, whose annual opening ceremony is set for late January. Just 100 miles from the Arctic Circle, the world’s biggest snow castle hosts thousands of curious, cold-tolerant visitors each year. First built in 1996, the SnowCastle has been rebuilt every year since, as it melts each spring. It takes about five weeks to build, and no two castles are ever the same. Even though the area sees plenty of snowfall, seawater converting snow machines are always brought in to assure an adequate amount of quality building material. Bundle up and take a look at this icy inn.

No matter what it looks like, the SnowCastle is always big, ranging anywhere between 140,000 and 215,000 square feet over the years. Image by WikiCommons

While the designs change, the restaurant, hotel, and chapel remain constant elements each year. Image by Arctic Route

Artists are invited to chisel and sculpt snow and ice throughout and around the structure. In addition to all the built-in art, the SnowCastle often features an art gallery. Image by Ezioman

If you do visit, dress warmly. No matter what the temperature is outside, it’s always about 23 degrees Fahrenheit inside to maintain structural integrity. Image by Ezioman

You can get hot beverages in the ice restaurant, but you’ll want to drink them quickly. You’ll also want to make your reservations a couple days in advance, as the restaurant is pretty popular. Image by Visit Finland

Two stories of rooms greeted guests the year this image was taken. The SnowCastle has been built as high as three stories in some years. Image by Arctic Route

Overnight guests are provided with Arctic-rated sleeping bags that should keep a body warm even if it’s clad in just under things. Guests are encouraged to sleep on top of their day clothes, though, to keep them toasty, or at least thawed, by morning. Image by Visit Finland

Couples come from all over the world to get married in the icy chapel at the SnowCastle, and then they stay in sub-freezing honeymoon suites. Image by Pirkka Aunola