An Indian man has learned the hard way never to stand too close to an elephant wearing leg chains while being forced to parade through city streets.

To be sure, the accompanying footage illustrates the remarkable strength and quickness possessed by the intelligent pachyderms.

Perhaps the elephant merely flinched when it kicked the man as swiftly and tellingly as a person might swat a fly. Or, as viewers might be inclined to believe, perhaps the animal acted out of displeasure at being forced to march in a procession such as this.

According to the Daily Mail, the elephant's name is Saraswati, and the incident occurred in the Indian state of Kerala, during a religious ceremony.

In an instant (at the 5-second mark), the elephant's left rear leg strikes the unidentified man in the chest-shoulder area, sending him sprawling. It's not known how badly the man was injured, but he can be seen quickly standing after receiving the blow.

While elephants are revered in India, animal rights groups often criticize the way elephants are chained and marched between city walls in ceremonies such as this.

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The Daily Mail quotes Rajeev N. Kurup, an animal rights advocate, as saying:

"When will we realize that these animals are not meant to be in the cities. Look at the proximity and the scope of danger in the way these elephants are exhibited within the limited space of the four walls of the temple.

"The public of Kerala has absolutely no respect or understanding while dealing with dangerous and sensitive animals like elephants."

Actually, based on this footage, at least one member of the public might have developed a newfound respect.