Baby bear has ballroom dance champ doing a 180 in humorous video

“It was super scary because there could [have been] a mother bear somewhere around, so we tried to stay calm.”

Michael Foskett, a ballroom dance champion, was suddenly forced to use an about-face maneuver when the possibility of running into a baby bear presented itself over the weekend.

His future brother-in-law, Yuri Vlasenko, was testing a feature on his new Phantom 4 Pro drone that automatically follows and records a subject, so he asked Foskett to start running.

And so he did, and then this happened:

The comedic timing of the "Run" soundtrack was pulled off perfectly.

Vlasenko recorded the incident at Cypress Mountain ski resort in Vancouver, Canada, as reported by the Vancouver Sun and Global News. He explained to GrindTV what happened:

"I asked Michael to run because I was trying out a new 'active track' feature on my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. And then, unexpectedly he saw a bear running around the street, so he turned back quickly and ran to our place safely where we launched the drone. It was super scary because there could be a mother bear somewhere around, so we tried to stay calm.

"We waited around because we weren't sure where the bear was going...Eventually the bear ran off and we carefully walked back to the car."

Michael Foskett, a ballroom dance champion, did an about-face when a baby bear ran ahead of him.

Those present included Vlasenko's parents and sister, Nika, who is also Foskett's dance partner and fiancee. They are the World Dance Council World and British Open Youth Ballroom Champions.

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Admittedly, it was quite the 180 Foskett pulled off in the video.

"When Michael came back to us, he just laughed and said he couldn't believe it!" Vlasenko told GrindTV.