The idea was to recreate the 99-foot rope swing pro skier Mike Wilson built in 2010 at Lake Tahoe, attempt insane backflips into the crystal-clear water and not get killed in the process.

Fortunately, the execution of the idea was pulled off in stunning and insane fashion by three extreme sports athletes, who at the successful conclusion popped open three bottles of champagne to celebrate.

Extreme sports athlete and videographer Nick Coulter came up with the idea and asked Wilson to borrow the rope swing, as reported by the Daily Mail.

"Of course," Wilson says, when asked on the phone at the beginning of Coulter's video. "It hasn’t been hit in a few years. Definitely take a look at it and make sure it’s safe and good to go."

Once it was set up, it proved good to go for Coulter and his two daredevil friends, Brandon Beck and Chase Reinford:

"This project was in the making for over a year," Coulter wrote on Facebook. "For all of us to make it out alive is incredibly satisfying.

"The idea of letting go of a handle 99 feet above water is just absurd."

Coulter Productions, dedicated to creating high-quality extreme sports content on YouTube, wrote that "a new generation of huckery has taken on the challenge of the biggest known rope swing ever into water."

Yeah, the idea was absurd. So, what's next? Nothing is imminent.

"Now that this monster is behind us I'm OK with not scaring myself for a little while," Coulter wrote.

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