A man from China stopped by Russian customs agents was discovered to be in possession of 24 fossilized shark teeth that are said to have come from the ancestor of the megalodon, the Earth's largest predator that lived millions of years ago.

The artifacts were found in the luggage of a man attempting to return to his homeland, and he failed to declare them, according to the customs service, as reported by Newsweek.

The prehistoric shark teeth are from the sea predator Otodus obliguus, which lived some 30 million years ago.

From Newsweek:

After sending the objects for expert analysis at the local museum, customs authorities determined that the items were Russian historic property and confiscated them…

According to the Primorye customs service, the Chinese national said he bought the shark teeth within Russia. He has not been jailed but the items have been permanently confiscated and donated to the museum, in gratitude for its help with the investigation.

"Our museum has never had teeth of this sort and now they will diversify our exhibit," said the museum director at Russia's Far Eastern Federal University, Irina Volvenko. "Otodus obliguus is interesting because it lived tens of millions of years ago and supposedly was an ancestor to the megalodon —the biggest shark on Earth, reaching 15 meters in length" Volvenko said. 15 meters amounts to about 50 feet.

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