While their friends were getting married and starting families, Nick Cahill and Jessica Perez started on their own journey, one that veered off the beaten path: purchasing and living in an old school bus.

Both from the Bay Area and living in Tahoe for the last 5-6 years, the couple embarked on a journey when they purchased their new home for $1500. "It was our first joint purchase together," Nick tells ASN.

In this episode of Van Tours, we explore the non-traditional path that Nick and Jessica of Blue Bus Adventure have made their own.

The Blue Bus is a 1988 Chevy school bus, found on Craigslist by a friend. Although they weren’t initially interested, after some quick researching the couple fell in love with the idea, and the bus was in their driveway 18 hours later.

Since then, they’ve have done some major renovations to their school bus, making it uniquely their own. One of the first modifications they embarked on was replacing the engine, installing a 2004 Chevy 6.0 fuel-injected engine in the bus, taking it from 100 horsepower to 300.

The rooftop dance floor (yes, you read that right) currently houses three surfboards and a surf rack, two Yakima roof boxes that house tools to work on their home, and two Goal Zero solar panels, which power everything inside of the vehicle.

The Bus houses side porch lights, and front and rear flood lights, which help to light dark campsites, as well as other quirky details, like the HydroFlask that works as a coolant overflow and lives next to the engine.

There’s also a street-legal dirt bike strapped to the back of the bus. It’s used for fun, yes, but Nick also points out that when they find a location they’ll plan on staying at for an extended period of time, they’ll use the bike to get around town and pick up groceries, rather than moving their entire home.

Moving to the inside of the bus, Jessica explains that when they purchased it, the inside was completely gutted. With the help of friends, the couple has transformed the empty bus into a cozy home. All the materials inside are repurposed or up-cycled. Favorite details include the countertop fashioned out of wood from the San Francisco Pier, bamboo flooring, and a custom couch and fold-out bed.

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