Sometimes, you just gotta pick up and go – Pack the bags, grab the map, and hit the open road.

And if you’re looking for something a little more substantial than a tent, without the weight and unwieldy tendencies of a full-size trailer or motorhome, you might want to check out a teardrop trailer.

That’s exactly what Katie Rodriguez and Ben Judkins did. They had a goal to camp their way through the BLM land Nevada and Utah has to offer, and they wanted to do it in comfort and style. That’s where Camp Weathered and their teardrop trailers came into the picture.

The couple rented a Woodside Teardrop and towed their trailer from the Bay Area in California, through Nevada and Utah’s BLM land (and back again). BLM Land is free to camp on, and about as rugged as you can get: no amenities, no water, no bathrooms … nothing. That’s where having the teardrop trailer is key.

“It kind of has everything you need,” Ben explains. “There’s plenty of space to sleep, perfect for two people. It’s got a kitchen in the back, that has all the essentials that come in it … and it’s cute as hell. We love it.”

The Woodside in its element. Photo: Katie Rodriguez

The Woodside Teardrop comes with everything needed for a trip for two: a well-appointed galley with a queen bed, sink, two-burner camping stove, and plenty of dishes and cookware. (It also features a picnic basket for when you’re seeking those romantic vibes.)

“It’s got a lot of room, but it’s still really cozy,” says Katie. “And it’s only 1500 pounds!”

Creating the trip of a lifetime is pretty simple when you really think about it. A little extra planning and preparation will go a long way, especially when you have access to digs like these.

And if you’re itching to recreate Katie and Ben’s escapades, the opportunity awaits you. You can book the Woodside Teardrop (or Camp Weathered’s other trailer options), and hit the road your own way.

“Get out there and do it,” says Ben. “Just do it. Get yourself a teardrop trailer.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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