Do you live (and work) in a city? Do you sorely miss your last camping trip and can’t stop thinking about your next? In some form or fashion we have all been there, because let’s face it, the tapping on the key boards in an office is not the same as the pitter patter of light rain on your tent.

Staying connected to the outdoors is key. It doesn’t mean you have to pack up the family and move to Colorado … it’s simply just about staying mindful. Here are some simple things you can do to help satisfy your love for the outdoors.

Eat Your Lunch at a Park

See your city from a different view. Photo: Courtesy of Sandro Schuh/Unsplash

Eating outside is so much better than eating inside in front of your screen. Start bringing your lunch to work (and even testing out new recipes and snacks that you might want to bring on your next adventure). This is a great opportunity to see how well a pre-made dish can hold-up and taste. Or you can simply grab some take-out from your favorite local eatery and just walk it over a nice shady spot underneath a tree. You might be surprised how a little fresh air and Vitamin D will improve your day.

Start Walking to Work (and Always Take the Stairs)

Walk more, worry less. Photo: Courtesy of Steevy Hoareau/Unsplash

It is so easy to fall into the routine of any city’s fast pace – Those mornings when you really just want to get to work and get a project done. You might be on deadline, but by taking that extra time to move your body, you will likely find new inspiration for your work. (Move a muscle, change a thought.)

If you live much too far to walk (or take the bus), then try parking a few blocks away form your office or getting off a stop or two early. Even if you don’t encounter much nature along the way, the simple movement will certainly help stimulate your need for the outdoors.

And, maybe you already bike to work. You can always step it up even further by doing things like carrying your bike up the stairs … Your body will thank you on your next hike.

Bring More Plants Into Your Life

If you can’t work outside, bring the outside in. Photo: Courtesy of Vital Sinkevich/Unsplash

Having a plant at your desk can only brighten your day. If you don’t have much light, look for a plant that doesn’t require too much natural sunlight, or even collect local pine cones, branches, flowers from your area and make an arrangement. This might seem a bit out there, but these collections just bring an organic element to your work. If you have light and space in your office, get larger air-purifying plants like a Dracaena or Areca palm.

Break Open Your Camping Gear In Your Living Room

No we aren’t suggesting that you do this every-night, but once and a while, try out your sleeping bag and sleeping pad. This can be beneficial for your back and can help you get more comfortable when you do take out your gear on a trip.

You can even pitch a tent in your living room. Getting your gear organized prior to an adventure is always helpful, especially if you have to do it in the dark or rain in the wilderness. (And, if nothing else, it’ll likely get you amped to finally pull the trigger on that long-weekend camping trip you’ve been craving.)

Get Your Co-Workers Involved

The more the merrier! Photo: Courtesy of Brad Barmore/Unsplash

Sometimes being the only person who likes to go on adventures can feel alienating … So we suggest that you incorporate your co-workers. They might be wishing they could do what you do but don’t know how to begin.

Start a walking group with your friends in the office and take strolls to nearby parks on lunch breaks, or even just around town. This will also likely boost morale in the office.

You can also do a hiking/outdoor activity group with coworkers on the weekends. It’ll be something you can talk about all week with your colleagues to get pumped to look forward to future adventures as a group.

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