The key to making vanlife as comfortable as possible is to carefully curate what you bring inside your home on wheels. Every item, every product, and every piece of gear needs to have a purpose. When everything inside is curated, that’s when you can focus on the adventure ahead.

Photo: Nick Dunlap/ Unsplash

And there are countless blogs, tutorials and recommendations on how to maximize the value that vanlife offers. Our approach? Identifying the highest quality items that will have you rolling in comfort and security.

Dometic CFX 75DZW Powered Cooler ($1,230)

Photo: Courtesy of Dometic

Making sure that you have a reliable source of refrigeration when living on the road is high on the list of absolute necessities, and not a lot of companies do refrigeration better than Dometic. When you may not be able to fit an entire fridge (mini or full-size) into your van, the CFX 75DZW is a great alternative. It features both a fridge and freezer zone, each temperature independent, and has a 70-liter capacity – enough for an entire weekend of food.

Brooklinen All Season Down Comforter ($349 for Full/Queen)

Photo: Courtesy of Brooklinen

Brooklinen has been lauded for its all-weather down comforter, and in a small space like a van, you’re not going to want to pack in multiple blankets for different uses … you’re going to want one that does it all. Down is the most effective insulator, and Brooklinen’s All Season Down Comforter is a great balance of weight and warmth.

BioLite Solar Home 620 Lighting System ($150)

Photo: Courtesy of REI

Your home may be off the grid, but that doesn’t mean you have to live primitively. BioLite’s Solar Home 620 lighting system comes with a solar panel, three overhead lights, and a control box that plays radio and MP3, and provides charging for small devices. Best of all? The entire system can fit into a container the size of a shoebox, making this an ideal addition to your van.

Glerups Model GR Low Boots ($155)

Photo: Courtesy of REI

When you’re living in a small space, dirt and dust make themselves apparent much quicker than one would prefer. If you don’t want to spend all your time cleaning, then you need to prevent messes before they happen. Take your shoes off before going inside the van, and have a designated “indoors” pair that are only worn, well, indoors. We recommend Glerups – they’re breathable, made from luxe wool that keeps feet both warm and dry, and are built to last.

Ultimate Ears MegaBlast ($250)

Photo: Courtesy of Ultimate Ears

Music sets the mood, music keeps the wheels rolling, music soothes and comforts. That’s why it’s important to have something that plays your music properly, that can stand up to life on the road, and look good doing it. The Ultimate Ears MegaBlast is one of the top-rated speakers on the market, with 360-sound, hands-free voice control, wireless capabilities, and waterproofing.

Best Made Co. American Hickory Chef’s Knife Roll ($149)

Photo: Courtesy of Best Made Co.

Whether you want to keep your knives secure, or you want the variability of using them in the van and taking them into the field with ease, this Chef’s Knife Roll from Best Made Co. is going to be your best option. Durable canvas keeps knives (and carriers alike) safe, and the American-made, stainless steel knives making cooking a breeze.

Snow Peak Tableware Set – Family ($150)

Photo: Courtesy of Snow Peak

Nesting plates and bowls like these mean efficiency and saved space – two key attributes all vanlifers should take into account. Snow Peak crafts high-quality goods, so you won’t be replacing dinnerware every year. If you’re looking for drinkware to accompany your tableware, we recommend their Stacking Mug Set.

HydraPak Expedition 8L ($60)

Photo: Courtesy of Hydrapak

If you’re heading somewhere that doesn’t have a reliable source of water, it’s important to be as prepared as possible. HydrPak’s eight-liter water reservoir not only helps you stay hydrated in any situation, but it’s also extremely packable, and can flatten, roll or wrap when not filled with water.

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