Ocean Beach Trash

The National Park Service removed trashcans at Ocean Beach in San Francisco to help solve the trash problem. Photo: Flickr user Daniel Ramierez

The National Park Service has started a bizarre experiment at Ocean Beach in San Francisco to curb the amount of trash found on the beach.

They've taken away the public trashcans along the Ocean Beach promenade.

That's right, to reduce trash … the department has removed the trashcans.

Officials hope it will encourage visitors to pack out what they brought in and free up staff time that is currently spent on trash pickup.

A representative from the department explained the idea to Richmond District Blog.

“We are working on a couple of experiments that would encourage visitors to pack in and pack out,” National Parks Service Representative Dan Collman told the blog. “As well, we are hoping to save staff time and allow them to focus on other high impact areas.”

He added that it will improve the appearance of the park, which is visited by thousands daily.

“Not to mention how nice the historic sea wall looks without trash cans,” he said.

Sure, no trashcans would look great, if beach goers actually stuck to the pack in and pack out mentality but as a Richmond District Blog reporter points out, not many actually are.

“Nearly every stairwell had some debris nearby, and a few of them had piles of garbage tucked up in the corners,” the blogger wrote.

It is unclear how long the experiment will be in effect, although a nearby sign asks visitors to “be patient with us while we try this out.”

Representatives from The National Parks Service were not available by press time.

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