As reported by The New York Times, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake killed at least 98 people and injured 236 people in Indonesia on Sunday. It left at least 20,000 people displaced and is sending thousands of tourists fleeing … and thousands of locals looking for support.

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ASN spoke with professional photographer, Mellissa Delport from Cape Town, South Africa who was visiting Lombok during the quake and is currently en route to Bali via an evacuation boat.

“The damage is heartbreaking. To see such a small island lose so much is devastating,” she told ASN. “We managed to get one of the last boats out late last night. The authorities were amazing in doing the best they could under difficult situations. Many people were in tears and the village is in ruins.

“Doctors set up a makeshift hospital on the beach to help the injured. They stayed with them through the night. We spent the night on an open field with many locals and tourists. Everyone prayed throughout the night as you could feel the earth shudder.”

Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Delport/@trufflejournal

Gili T is pretty much abandoned,” Delport continued. “Many shops were looted for food because people were hungry and there is no running water or electricity.

“It’s also difficult to get the right information because no one knows what’s going on. We have come to Bali because it was a boat out from there, but not even sure how safe Bali is right now. Stressful times.”

Reports show that no tourists have been killed but many of them are stranded as they are unable to get flights or boat rides off of the island, reports the The Times. Hotels in Indonesia’s capital, Mataram are filled to capacity and many people are sleeping in the streets as they are traumatized about staying indoors.

Although yet to be quantified, the amount of damage is severe, Public Good has begun a campaign to help with relief efforts. You can support by donating here.

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