Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? With a major cold front about to pummel New York City, you can be I am. And if you’re not, well then get in the giving (or shopping) mood by checking out our 2016 Winter Gear Guide.

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After you peruse that, then you will need to make sure you’ve got your tree — hopefully you already have your tree! To learn a bit about how Christmas trees are harvested, give the below video a watch that profiles how Holiday Tree Farm in Corvallis, Oregon harvests over 1 million Christmas trees in just six weeks.

According to the video, trees outnumber human beings in Oregon by a ratio of 12 to one. And Holiday Tree Farm uses a helicopter once the trees are cut down because it’s much more efficient that way — the chopper can harvest about 1,000 trees an hour.

And don’t go falling for those fake trees either, because veteran tree farmer Mark Arkills informs us that Holiday Tree Farm plants at least one tree in the spring for every one they harvest for Christmas. But as he tells about fake trees, “Nine years in the house, nine million years in the landfill. They cannot be recycled.”

Harvesting Christmas trees with a helicopter.

Harvesting Christmas trees with a helicopter.