Here are 3 adventure combos you need to try immediately

Should you go swimming or go hiking? Why not try swiking?

Let’s go hiking. Oh wait, look at the swell filling in … surfing anyone? Oh look, no wind all day, let’s paddleboard.

Fast forward a couple of hours, and you’re still dithering. Sound familiar? Welcome to the age of indecision.

Due to our digital lifestyle, we’re constantly bombarded with a plethora of information and according to scientists, we now have an attention span of 8 seconds, which is one second shorter than a goldfish. Oh my.

Thus, when it comes to adventuring, it can be hard to pick a sport and stick with it. Especially when time before/after work is short and weekends zip by in a flash.

Here’s where adventure combinations come into play. It’s the perfect way to blend activities and beat that indecision by maximizing your adventures. Double that fun in half the time.


Nothing like a refreshing dip after a strenuous hike. Photo: Courtesy of Paul Gilmore/Unsplash

Nothing like a refreshing dip after a strenuous hike. Photo: Courtesy of Paul Gilmore/Unsplash

Simply put, the ‘swike’ is a hike that ends with a swim. It’s preferable to be outdoors beside the ocean, or a lake -- but if you’re stuck in the city, you can hike on over to your local pool.

After all, a swike isn’t exclusively limited to country bumpkins. To commence, place your bikinis/budgie, smugglers/trunks under some hiking gear and off you trot.

Pre-emptively layering up saves you time shimmying in and out of clothes post-hike, meaning you can just strip off sweaty, sodden kit and leap in upon arrival to the water.

Make it as hardcore as you like. It could be a well-deserved dunk after a decent trek for a few hours, or you can take a leisurely stroll.

During these spicy summer days, the swim is the perfect antidote to cool off after the hike. Like guacamole is to a burrito, or teaming up bananas and peanut butter, this is an unbeatable combination; lurching from hot hike to a delightful dunk.

Even when it’s a little overcast -- or even cold -- the hike means you can work up a sweat to induce yourself to wade into the ocean/lake/body of water for a swim at the end.

To make it extra gnarly, bring some climbing shoes and try clambering down if you’re alongside the coast to find some secret swim spots.


Who would want to stop this and go somewhere for lunch? Photo: Courtesy of Ben White/Unsplash

Who would want to stop this and go somewhere for lunch? Photo: Courtesy of Ben White/Unsplash

Lupping is the combination of standup paddleboarding (SUPing) and lunch. Eating is a sport, right?

If you haven’t tried paddleboarding, you’ve got to get on board. It keeps boredom at bay if it’s a flat day on the ocean, and it’s ideal for meditative paddling sessions whilst keeping you fit; working on both body and mind.

Added to this, it gives you unique access to excellent ocean climbing spots (if you can tie up your board on a handy sea stack) as well as secret beaches, caves or grottoes accessible only by water.

Landlocked? Check your local maps, and find some inland lakes to explore.

Hard work deserves reward so once you’ve used your paddle power, you can refuel by wolfing down whatever treats you’ve prepared either sitting on the board in the water, or back on the beach.

Strapping your feast onto the board is pretty simple on most standup paddleboards with the help of a waterproof bag. After all, nobody likes soggy sandwiches.

Obviously sticking to the healthy theme goes down well (think of filling a Tupperware box with a hearty barley salad) but if you’re craving s’mores roasted over an open fire on a deserted beach, go hog wild.

If you’ve got a bit more time, you can take camping gear and figure out a decent beach (or inland island on a lake) to camp at post-paddling.

This would make it “camp-lupping” or “clupping,” which is sort-of-maybe the same word as “clubbing.” Both most likely performed on a weekend, but with quite the different outcome the next morning.

That feisty hangover and potential dance-floor regrets synonymous with clubbing, to be contrasted with waking to the tranquil sounds of nature in a secluded sandy spot as a newly converted “clupper.” Sunday mornings will never be the same.


Nothing beats this view. Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Burden/Unsplash

Nothing beats this view. Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Burden/Unsplash

Combine fishing and kayaking and you’ll be off “fiyaking.”

Grab a kayak, sort a rod and paddle out into the water. It’s environmentally-friendly (compared with firing up an engine on a traditional fishing boat), improves your paddling prowess and allows for reflection on the water whilst waiting for a bite.

Catch and release in the name of conservation, or snaffle a few fish for a BBQ. Fiyaking is also a great sport to get ripped.

In the end, it’s not all doom and gloom -- those same scientific studies regarding our waning attention span show that we’ve actually become better at multitasking.

So, if you’ve got a real ineptitude for choice, incorporate all three combinations. Start with swhiking to a spot where your kayak is, dabble in some fiyaking, snare some fish, strap them to your standup paddleboard and paddle to a remote beach to grill up your catch.

If you can fit that in before work on a Tuesday morning, you can give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. And always remember: Make sure to check weather conditions before heading out on any sort of outdoor adventure.

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