According to National Parks Traveler, Hurricane Lane (a category 5 hurricane) is expected to hit Hawaii on Thursday with potential winds up to 160 mph and 20 inches of rainfall. The approaching hurricane has even prompted the closing of Haleakalā National Park.

Hurricane Lane

Hurricane Lane. Photo: Courtesy of Central Pacific Hurricane Center

“On the forecast track, the center of Hurricane Lane will move very close to or over the main Hawaiian Islands from Thursday through Saturday,” stated the National Hurricane Center.

They added, “Slow weakening is forecasted during the next 48 hours, but Lane is to remain a dangerous hurricane as it draws closer to the Hawaiian Islands.”

According to Washington Post, tropical-storm-force winds may begin Wednesday night and Thursday morning in the Big Island and Maui – posting an official hurricane warning already. Oahu and Kauai have posted hurricane warnings as conditions are expected to deteriorate Thursday night into Friday morning. By Saturday night, the storm should be pulling away from the islands.

hawaii big island

The Big Island on a good day. Photo: Courtesy of Jeremy Bishop/UnSplash

Hurricane watches cover Oahu and Kauai, where conditions are expected to deteriorate Thursday night into Friday morning. The storm is forecasted to be pulling away from the islands by Saturday night.

The predicted amount of damage will depend on the hurricane’s proximity to the island and in a worse case scenario, a severe amount of rainfall could lead to flash flooding and mudslides.

Check ASN for updates on Hurricane Lane.

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