Today, a 30-year-old Queensland man drowned in the surf off Fingal Head in New South Wales while trying to save a 7-year-old girl.

The girl was taken to the hospital with her mother and another man, who both tried to rescue her but were caught in strong rip currents.

They have all since been released from the hospital, according to New South Wales Police officials.

The lifeguards who responded at about 3:40 p.m. local time called the incident a tragedy and said the man who died showed great courage.

“The bravery he’s shown – he’s just put his own life at risk to save a young child,” Detective Inspector Gary Cowan of New South Wales Police told 9 News Australia.

Fingal Head

While the surf at Fingal Head is extraordinarily picturesque, it can also be quite dangerous. Photo: Courtesy of Steve Austin/Flickr

The area is notorious for having dangerous rip currents and isn’t patrolled by lifeguards.

“It’s an unpatrolled stretch of beach, the south side of Fingal headland, and it is quite a notorious area — there are a lot of currents around there,” lifesaver Chris Samuels told 9 News.

Fingal Head is south of Coolangatta. The incident is still under investigation.

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