Ice bridge collapses into Lake Argentina in an event that doesn't occur very often. Photo: Telam

Ice bridge collapses into Lake Argentina in an event that doesn’t occur very often. Photo: Courtesy of Telam

Tourists in the right place at the right time enjoyed a spectacular sight that doesn’t happen very often at Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, home of the Perito Moreno Glacier: An ice bridge collapsed.

The Patagonian glacier known as the “White Giant” is one of Argentina’s biggest attractions, according to The Guardian.

A river of ice 18 miles long winds up at Lake Argentina, where from time to time large chunks of the glacier break off and crash into the lake, roughly every four years, according to Reuters.

The last time the glacier ruptured was in March 2012, but that occurred in the early-morning hours and was not witnessed by tourists. Not this time. There were plenty of people around when the ice bridge collapsed, and they let out a big cheer:

The Télam Agencia Nacional de Noticias wrote that the ice bridge was about 98 feet above the lake surface. It broke off in pieces in what Santa Cruz Secretary of Tourism Laura Santiago said “shows that the glacier is more alive than ever.”

The Associated Press called it a “massive natural monument.”

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