Caught in the middle of a terrifying downburst storm with the effects similar to a tornado, Jesse Street and his fiancée "thought we were going to be picked up and thrown into the air."

The couple was on their houseboat docked in Fish Springs Marina on Watauga Lake in Tennessee on Friday when Street noticed "a tornado coming or something."

Severe thunderstorms rolled through Tennessee on Friday evening, leaving a trail of destruction, The Washington Post reported, adding that over 300 severe wind reports were submitted to the National Weather Service.

What hit Watauga Lake was a downburst, described as a strong ground-level wind system that originates from above and blows downward, and then in a straight line in all directions once it hits the ground.

As the strong winds got closer, Street stepped into the houseboat.

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"Look at that wind," Street is heard saying on the video. "Look at this. My God."

"What do we do?" his fiancée, Teresa, asked.

"Nothing but lay down. Ain't nothing we can do."

Street and Teresa hunkered down in the middle of the houseboat, and he stopped filming.

"That's when, you just really don't know what to think, everything is just so fast all of a sudden," Street told WJHL.

"For about two or three minutes, we thought we were going to be picked up and thrown into the air," Street wrote on the video.

Once most of the winds subsided, Street continued filming, capturing another houseboat bobbing in the waves.

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"We didn't know if there was even anybody on the small houseboat, we weren't sure until it turned just enough to where it was rocking, you could see through the window, and see the man trying to drive the boat," Street told WJHL.

Street shared WJHL's post on Facebook where Tina Johnson identified herself as the one on that bobbing houseboat.

"That one boat you talk about seeing was me and six of my friends," Johnson wrote. "Scariest thing I have ever been through."

Street wrote that their houseboat was not damaged but was "just a mess." Still, the severe storms brought with them tragedy that hit Street close to home.

Sadly, Street learned later that friends John Paul Mathes and wife, Robin, were killed when a tree fell on their tent while camping near the Fish Springs Marina.

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