California was buried under some of the most snow it’s received in over 20 years this past winter. Which means the California drought was officially lifted and the Sierra Nevada snowpack was historically replenished.

While many snow resorts have extended their ski seasons into July, it also means that the historic snowpack melt is going to create some incredible imagery at places like Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park — which it has already began doing. The melting snowpack is estimated to be as large as the last four years combined.

So we’ve rounded up some spectacular videos of the rush that is going on at Yosemite Falls currently, and encourage you to get there yourself to see it. But do be careful, as some campgrounds near the Merced River have been closed in anticipation of major flooding, and whitewater rafting in the Truckee River will be much more dangerous.

If you can’t make it, you can always just watch it on the Yosemite Falls webcam to add some nature to your work day.

1. It’s OK that it’s vertical

It’s almost never recommended to film video with your smartphone vertically, but in this case it really gives some perspective on Yosemite Falls.

2. Rainbow generation

Yes, the Falls have been creating some breathtaking rainbows with all the rush going on also.

3. A timelapse

We could watch this one on loop over and over and over again. The Yosemite National Park Rangers might have the best office view in the world.

4. A view from below

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Just look at all that water moving around. With an estimated snowpack that equals that of the last four years, you can bet there’s plenty more of this to come.

5. Raging rapids

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We weren’t kidding about raging rapids in the Merced River. Be careful if you go, as flooding can occur and whitewater rafting in the Truckee River will also be much more dangerous.

6. A reflective view

Sometimes it’s nice not to stare directly into something, but rather find a different way of looking at things. John Muir would admire this one.

7. Pull it back again

A classic view of a classic waterfall in a classic national park. It doesn’t get more American than that view.

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