On Thursday, June 15 two lost hikers and their dog were found in Pike National Forest in Colorado thanks to a new tactic by the Douglas County Search and Rescue team. That tactic is the use of a drone, which located the lost hikers within two hours.

The hikers became lost while hiking Devil’s Head Trail for several hours and dialed 911 for help when they realized their situation. The Douglas County Search and Rescue team immediately deployed their newly approved drone to the area around 4:15 p.m.

“Before we’re out there we can search massive areas of terrain,” Roman Bukary of the Douglas County Search and Rescue told CBS Denver. “Before we're out there we can see at high points of visibility is there, in fact, someone there."

By 6 p.m. the drone had located the lost hikers and their dog, helping avert a bigger disaster of lost hikers in the wilderness at night. Both hikers and the dog suffered no injuries.

As for the future of search and rescue, Bukary sees the drone greatly helping in situations like this. As he further explained to CBS Denver, “I think it's awesome, it's fantastic. It is in fact, I think, where search and rescue, especially in the wilderness, is headed.”

The drone finding the lost hikers. Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

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