According to, a hiker in Arizona had to be rescued from a snow-covered 9,000-foot peak and treated for hypothermia after he tried to scale the mountain in only a tank top and shorts in an attempt to win a free pizza.

Per, the unnamed 30-year-old man from Flagstaff, Arizona, called for help at around 9 a.m. on Tuesday after he became stuck on the 9,298-foot Mount Elden in Coconino National Forest in Northern Arizona.

“The weather at the time was moderate to heavy snow, with approximately 3 to 5 inches of snow on the ground,” the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office told in a statement.

mount elden coconino county arizona hiking hiker rescued

At over 9,000 feet in elevation, conditions on Mount Elden can deteriorate quickly. Photo: Courtesy of U.S. Forest Service

Per the Associated Press, the promotion the hiker was attempting to qualify for offered a free pizza to anyone who could make it to a radio tower situated atop Mount Elden.

The man was spotted by a member of the U.S. Forest Service, according to the AP, who was working as a lookout in the radio tower. The lookout brought the man into the radio tower for shelter, where he was able to warm up until search-and-rescue teams arrived.

Officials with the Coconino County Sheriff’s Department told the AP that the hiker should have recognized the dangers of his actions before attempting to climb the hill, and that a free pizza is no reason to put yourself in harm’s way.

mount elden coconino county arizona hiking hiker rescued

There was no word on what the hiker’s favorite type of pizza is, or if he ever won his free pie. Photo: Courtesy of Katbelletje/Flickr

“Regardless of what this business offers … the responsibility falls back to the individual to make good sound decisions about what they’re going to do,” Coconino County Sheriff’s Cmdr. Rex Gilliland told the AP.

Per, it is unclear whether the unnamed hiker received his free pizza.

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