On Saturday, less than a week after setting a Mount Everest base camp-to-peak speed record by summiting the world’s tallest peak in 26 hours, Spanish mountaineer and long-distance runner Kilian Jornet upped himself reaching the peak in just 17 hours without the help of supplemental oxygen or fixed ropes, according to Gear Junkie.

But, per multiple sources, it’s unclear whether the 29-year-old Spaniard’s latest feat is a record.

Climbing Everest without supplemental oxygen is an endeavor that less than 200 people in history have accomplished, per Gear Junkie. Doing it twice in one week is incredible.

But with that said, per a report from Trail Runner, it’s not likely that his summit on Saturday bested the existing speed record, given where he started his ascent.

Jornet left advanced base camp (at roughly 21,300 feet) on the northern, Chinese side of Mount Everest around 2 a.m. and reached peak (29,029 feet) at 9 p.m. on Saturday. According to Trail Runner, the current speed record for Everest’s North Side was set in 2006 by Austrian climber Christian Stangl, who did the same route as Jornet in 16 hours and 42 minutes.

Mount everest

To ascend to over 29,000 feet in one week without the use of oxygen is an amazing accomplishment. Photo: Courtesy of Fryderyk Supinski/Flickr

However, as Trail Runner reported, seeing as Jornet’s first ascent was from base camp (roughly 16,700 feet), that summit in 26 hours is still the fastest known time and thus, likely a speed record, for base-to-peak.

Regardless of records, Jornet wrote on his blog he was happy to have achieved the insane task of climbing to the highest point on Earth twice in one week without oxygen.

“I’m so happy to have made the summit again! Today I felt good although it was really windy so it was hard to move fast,” Jornet wrote on his blog, Summits of My Life. “I think summiting Everest twice in one week without oxygen opens up a new realm of possibilities in alpinism and I'm really happy to have done it.”

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