As reported by The Trek, the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) has just officially designated the city of Mount Shasta as a certified trail town. This marks the Pacific Crest Trail’s (PCT) first trail town recognition and the Inaugural Trail Town Celebration will be held Saturday, July 21.

Although this is the Pacific Crest Trail’s first trail town certification, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) has a long-standing history of trail town recognition through their Appalachian Trail Community program , and the PCTA plans on doing the same for the Pacific Crest Trail.

The city of Mount Shasta, California. Photo: Courtesy of Daniel Schwen/Wikimedia Commons

Being recognized as a certified trail town enhances the town’s hiker friendly atmosphere as it becomes more likely to host events and programs that celebrate and benefit the community. As of now, over 40 communities along the Appalachian Trail have received the designation and the PCTA will function with the same goals.

The PCTA hopes to include many more communities to increase accommodations and service for thru-hikers, volunteer outreach for the trail itself, as well as an economic boost for each of the communities.

The celebration this Saturday will take place in downtown Mount Shasta and will include activities, prize giveaways, live music, food and beverage, and a whole lot more. If you happen to be passing by, make sure to check it out.

h/t The Trek

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