On Sunday, three mountain climbers — including one American climber who hailed from Alabama — died while climbing Mount Everest.

On Monday, per NPR, the body of a fourth climber was recovered, bringing the official death toll for this Everest climbing season to six people.

NPR reports that the climbers were Ravi Kumar of India, Francesco Enrico Marchetti of Australia, Vladimir Strba of Slovakia and Roland Yearwood — a doctor from Georgiana, Alabama.

Originally, the death toll for the weekend was at three, but Kumar’s body was discovered on Monday by Sherpa rescuers, according to the Associated Press (AP).

In the report from the AP, it’s noted that Kumar fell sick while descending the mountain after reaching its summit on Saturday. Kumar’s death came after he fell roughly 650 feet down the mountain.

According to the AP, the four fatalities came during a weekend in which there was a heavy rush of climbers to the summit. Recently, poor weather conditions have prevented people from reaching the summit, which in turn lead to a large amount of climbers attempting to reach the peak over the weekend.

In April, famed mountaineer Ueli Steck died while attempting the climb. Then, earlier this month, an 85-year-old Nepali mountaineer died while trying to set the record as the oldest person to summit Everest.

In other news from Everest over the weekend, a famed near-vertical rock face located near the mountain’s peak known as the Hillary Step has reportedly collapsed, according to The Guardian. A mountaineer told The Guardian that the collapse of the Hillary Step may make it harder to reach the summit.

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