Recently, the plastic straw has faced some serious scrutiny from the environmentally-aware crowd. It is one of a multitude of small, recyclable pieces of plastic that continue to end up in landfills. (Because of their small size, often times they can be missed in the sorting process, and they end up in landfills, the ocean, and the world over.)

And the plastic straw is one of the most visible, and therefore targetable, offending pieces of plastic. Companies like Starbucks have announced their commitment to stop using disposable straws by 2020, in favor of more recyclable options – in Starbucks’ case, an adult “sippy cup.”

It’s a seemingly small step, and it still doesn’t solve the more pressing problem of global plastic use (after all, replacing disposable plastic straws with disposable plastic lids still uses plastic), but some may argue that it’s still a step in the right direction. If anything, it’s helping to shed light on the global plastic crisis.

If you’re a fan of using straws, you may be wondering just how you’ll sip your beverages come 2020 and beyond. (Although, we’d like to point out the straw itself is purely convenience, and you could, you know, just drink out of your cup … Just saying.)

To help you out in your liquid dilemma, we’ve rounded up six reusable straw options. They range in materials, from stainless steel to copper, as well as price, providing an option for everyone.

United By Blue Adventure Copper Straw Set ($18)

Photo: Courtesy of United By Blue

Intended to pair with United By Blue’s Moscow Mule mugs, this set of four engraved copper straws can dress up any cup you decide to take on the go. Mini evergreen trees add subtle style points, and the hand-welded copper is meant to stand the test of time, and any beverages you might use it to enjoy.

Kleen Kanteen 5-Piece Straw Set ($10)

Photo: Courtesy of Kleen Kanteen

The Kleen Kanteen 5-Piece Straw Set takes the cake for the best bang for your buck on this list, with a set of five straws coming in at $10. Kleen Kanteen’s straw set also comes with a cleaner, a major bonus if you’re drinking anything besides water out of these. Stainless steel and food-grade silicone keep these straws performing at their best.

Corkcicle Tumbler Straws ($5)

Photo: Courtesy of Corkcicle

Corkcicle’s straws are made to fit with both sizes of tumbler the brand provides (16-ounce and 24-ounce) meaning you don’t have to be confined to just one cup when using their straws. Made from stainless steel, the straws come in sets of two – one for at home, and one for the road.

Hydro Flask 22 oz Tumbler Straw Lid ($10)

Photo: Courtesy of Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask is a well-known and respected name in reusable drinkware, so it’s no surprise they’ve ended up on this list. Their straw is flexible, and comes with a lid, so you don’t have to worry about spills on the go. The straw is meant to pair with the 22-ounce Tumbler, and is BPA-free and phthalate-free.

Yeti Rambler Tumbler Straw Lid ($10)

Photo: Courtesy of Yeti

Yeti’s durability is well-documented, and their straw is no exception. The Rambler Tumbler Straw comes with a corresponding lid that features a molded-in stopper that holds your straw in place, and both the straw and lid are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

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