Summer camps for grown-ups not only exist, the companies that host them are rapidly growing as more people look for an excuse to escape the monotony of professional life in favor of the easy, carefree pleasures of good ol’ summer camp.

But not all adult summer camps are the same — some cater to sports like skateboarding while others focus on partying — which can make it hard to decide on a camp you might want to visit. Which is where we come into play.

We here at GrindTV are profiling a few excellent adult summer camps in America to help you know what to expect should you spend a weekend at them. And for our second installment of “Summer Camp for Grown-Ups,” we’re looking at Club Getaway in beautiful Kent, Connecticut. And we spoke to David Schreiber, Club Getaway’s chief adventure officer for all the details.

What is it?

Club Getaway is one of the oldest summer camps for grown-ups, founded in 1976 as a way for professionals in New England to let loose for a weekend. It bills itself as the “Original Camp for Adults.”

club getaway adult summer camp

Club Getaway was founded to be a Club Med of sorts for young professionals to kick back and relax. Mission accomplished. Photo: Courtesy of Club Getaway

How did it start?

“Club Getaway started 40 years ago when Victor Fink (Club Getaway’s owner) came back to Connecticut after visiting Club Med in the Caribbean,” Schreiber tells GrindTV. “At the time, his family ran the property as camp for children called Camp Leonard-Leonore, but the camp was struggling.”

“So he pitched the idea of running it as a club for adults to his family, and they bought into it,” Schreiber continued. “The idea caught on. We’re only 90 minutes outside of New York and a few hours from Boston, so we cater to the professionals in big cities who just want to escape.”

club getaway adult summer camp

With everything from yoga classes to zip lining courses, Club Getaway is all about indulging your every whim. Photo: Courtesy of Club Getaway

What can you expect if you visit Club Getaway?

You can expect luxury and — as Schreiber says — to do something you likely have never done before.

“On the property, we have everything,” Schreiber told GrindTV. “Club Getaway is set on 300 acres overlooking a lake in the Berkshire Mountains and features everything from expansive dining rooms to our own nightclub to cabins that feature air conditioning, heat and memory foam mattresses. It’s perhaps best characterized as glamping.”

“With all of the activities that we have available here, you’re pretty much guaranteed to try something new,” Schreiber continued. “Part of ‘reliving your youth’ is exploring your boundaries. In 48 hours here, you can do more than you would in 10 years on your own. You can go zip lining and mountain biking and climb real rock faces or try our huge ropes course. It’s stuff many people would never try on their own, but they’re doing it in a group so it feels fun.”

club getaway adult summer camp

Club Getaway is all about getting you outside of your comfort zone and helping you try something new. Photo: Courtesy of Club Getaway

Who is the typical camper at Club Getaway?

Simply put, there is no typical camper.

“We try to cater to every demographic with our camps, and so we have different weekends dedicated to different types of people,” Schreiber said. “We have weekends dedicated to young professionals, we have a Generation X weekend dedicated to people in their 40s and 50s. We recently added a Jewish professionals weekend and an LGBTQ weekend. Hell, we even have a weekend entirely for fans of (Hollywood legend) John Waters that is hosted by John Waters himself.”

club getaway adult summer camp

Chances are your childhood summer camp was not hosting silent discos in a nightclub on its campus. Photo: Courtesy of Club Getaway

What sets Club Getaway apart from other adult summer camps?

The camp can do essentially whatever it wants on any given weekend.

“What makes us different from other summer camps is that we own all of this property” Schreiber said. “We aren’t leasing it, so we can do anything we want at the drop of a hat without consulting others. That results in an incredible amount of freedom.”

“For instance, we don’t have to get permits before doing what we call our ‘pub hike,’ which is essentially just an entire camp hiking from keg to keg across our entire property while being lead by our staff,” Schreiber told GrindTV. “That leeway allows for a ton of fun.”

club getaway adult summer camp

Overall, beyond the adventure, Club Getaway has and always will be about meeting new people, according to Schreiber. Photo: Courtesy of David Schreiber

Anything else you should know?

You will get to know your fellow campers, quickly.

“If you come here to a camp with 300 other people, expect to leave here knowing 300 other people,” said Schreiber. “We have 40 percent of our guests who show up all by themselves. They’re looking to meet new people and just have a good time.”

For more on Club Getaway, including locations and weekend availability, head over to the company’s website.

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