This story was originally published on OFFGRID. Words by Patrick McCarthy.

We've been following Primitive Technology for some time now, and watching as the Aussie YouTuber gradually developed his survival campsite. Without so much as a knife or even a pair of shoes, he built shelters, started fires, crafted weapons, grew crops and developed advanced tools.

We've often jokingly theorized he's well on his way to the iron age, and his recent forays into basic metallurgy proved this point.

The new site contains a permanent creek, clay, wildlife, and other natural resources for primitive survival. Photo: Courtesy of Primitive Technology/OFFGRID

However, in his latest video, the silent Primitive Technology host goes back to the drawing board. He was apparently able to purchase a new plot of land for future filming sessions — not surprising given the substantial ad revenue the channel's 6.7 million subscribers must generate — and is starting a brand-new campsite there.

We found this video especially interesting since it distills the many concepts he has taught in previous videos into a single video. There's a lot to learn here.

A removable cap for the top of the shelter provides light and ventilation during clear weather. Photo: Courtesy of Primitive Technology/OFFGRID

The video starts with flint-knapping a stone blade, then chopping down firewood and gathering palm fiber tinder. Jungle vines and underbrush were cleared around the site for his new dwelling, a small hut. Long and flexible saplings were embedded into the ground, lashed together to form a conical shelter, and layered with palm fronds for insulation and protection from rain.

The host tops it off with a removable roof, elevated bed platform, and a smoky fire to provide heat and repel mosquitoes.

Getting off the ground is key. Photo: Courtesy of Primitive Technology/OFFGRID

Check out the full video below — it’s definitely worth watching if you're interested in quickly learning some primitive skills.

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