With summer knocking on the door and the weather getting consistently warmer, it’s time to start thinking about your summertime camping trips.

However, depending on who you ask, what those camping trips might actually look like will vary drastically. Whether they’re miles away from civilization, or at a beachside camp spot across the street from Starbucks, it’s all about just getting outdoors.

But no matter what your definition of camping is, the end goal is always in the same ballpark: To breath in the fresh air of nature and to get a little closer to this gorgeous planet that we live on.

In this installment of Around the Campfire, we take a glimpse into what camping means to professional freeskier Chris Benchetler.

As a California native, Benchetler is no stranger to spending time outdoors and enjoying all of the beautiful things that nature has to offer. In fact, he’s also an extremely talented artist, and much of his artwork directly reflects his love for nature.

What’s your earliest camping memory?

Every weekend in the summer for as long as I can remember, we had a wakeboard boat and would tent camp at Walker Lake, out of Hawthorne, Nevada. Salt water, thick brown algae, no trees for shade, tons of spiders … Thanks Mom and Dad.

What’s your favorite camping food?

Oats, coconut oil, nut butter and banana, all mixed together.

What’s your favorite camping spot on the planet?

That’s a tough one. Maybe so far, the Southeast coast of New Zealand. Night skiing and camping in Alaska was pretty unreal though.

What is one place you’ve never camped that you’d like to?

Norway, Iceland, Greenland … I kind of want to check those off the list.

What is one camping tip you’d give to a first time camper?

Get yourself some down booties. They have saved me many times in cold situations.

You can choose one tool on a survival expedition in the wilderness: machete or firestarter? Why?

Fire. It keeps you alive. Easier to make a cutting apparatus than a fire.

A large animal is lurking outside your tent in the middle of the night. What do you do?

Invite it in for tea.

What’s the sketchiest camping moment you've ever experienced?

As a young kid I lit my toilet paper on fire to bury with the poop, and the entire hill caught on fire. Parents and friends had to empty all the ice chests and put it out … Almost lost the entire hillside.

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