Planning a memorable Mother’s Day for outdoorsy and sporty moms is as simple as giving them an extra dose of what they already love.

Focus on a favorite activity, then amp it up to celebrate what makes your mom (or baby mama) so great.

Gotta get outside this Mother’s Day. Photo: Courtesy of Sunski

If you’re not sure what she’d enjoy, here are a few experiences – and gifts to go with them – for this annual recognition of some of the hardest working people on the planet.

Yoga Class

For a Mom’s Day treat that doesn’t require a sweat-fest workout, a yoga moment will give her some space and the relaxation she deserves on her special day. Lots of studios run Mother’s Day specials, retreats, packages and more. If she travels, consider a set of yoga sessions at a nationwide chain, plus some stretchy goodies for class and after.

“Motherhood is full of bliss, joy and rewards, but also extremely demanding and sometimes depleting,” Derise Anjanette, studio manager at CorePower Yoga in Boulder. “When we chisel out an hour to make it on to our yoga mats, it has a ripple effect and others around us can feel it. The greatest gift a mother can give to her family is her calm, non-reactive, loving presence, no matter how challenging a moment may be. Yoga helps us practice this.”

Since finding the right fit for bras, leggings, and even tops can be tricky, stick with a more forgiving but no less useful yoga piece like a short-sleeve wrap or vest for summer, meaningful mat or meditation blanket.

SUP Session

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Talk about a low barrier of entry for moms who aren’t on the professional athlete circuit, standup paddleboarding is simple and addictive. You can rent some SUPs for the whole day on the water or purchase a new one and stick a big bow on it for the mother of all Mother’s Day treats.

A gentle session on lazy flat water is also a way to get kids or older adults involved so you can all spend the day together. Playful, feminine sunglasses (with a floating Croakie) or an outdoor-inspired artisan trucker hat are slam-dunks gifts for active outdoor mamas.

Rock Climb

There’s no better way to stoke Mom out than getting outside. Photo: Tembela Bohle/Pexels

As one of the fastest growing sports right now, sport climbing is becoming a common sight at proliferating city gyms and suburban crags. If you want an outside experience, plan a picnic and a play day for mom filled with close-in (or road trip-worthy) wall climbing — or bouldering with the kids.

Non-climbers can come along too, even if just for the hike in, or to cheer mom on. If it’s a rainy day (which can always be the case in May) have a backup indoor plan at the local climbing gym. With this sport continuing to grow at record pace, you should have no problem finding a fit near you.

For a practical gift that goes from rock to sidewalk, consider some women-specific capris. A cute chalk bag filled with wee treats will also add some icing to her cake.

Hike or Bike

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Hitting the trail – whether you walk or pedal – with your mom or the whole family is a nice (free) way to spend the day. That means you can splurge on mom with a gift like flattering mountain bike baggies or a wicking top – in a bright color like “cherries jubilee,” yes please! – that will inspire her to pursue the outdoor activity all year round.

Most important: Don't forget the food. Pack an al fresco snack with all her favorites (hint: fancy fruit, cheese, and chocolates); plan a pre-hike homemade brunch so you can go for the long haul; or take her out to a fresh farm-to-table lunch.

Go Surfing

A dip in the ocean might be just what Mom needs this Mother’s Day. Photo: Courtesy of Aquachara/Unsplash

If your mama already rides waves, give her a fabulous new body-con full-piece, and send her out as early or late as she likes her waves on Mom’s Day.

If she’s a never-ever surfed, but you know your mom has always has a secret desire to test her muscle and mental stamina in the ocean, gift her a set of lessons, plus a beach-friendly basket of surf surprises.

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