On the first day of slopestyle skiing at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, it was Switzerland that ruled the day, with Swiss skier Sarah Hoefflin taking gold and her compatriot Mathilde Gremaud earning silver in the women's slopestyle at Phoenix Park.

Great Britain's first female slopestyle medalist Isabel Atkin rounded out the podium in third.

After cold weather and wind derailed the women's slopestyle snowboarding competition earlier this week, sunny and calm conditions prevailed for skiers Saturday, as 12 finalists representing eight nations finally got their chance to attack the creative rail and jump setup that everyone at the 2018 PyeongChang Games has been buzzing about.

And attack they did, as 18-year-old Gremaud stomped a switch double cork 1080 (essentially two flips and three spins while taking off backwards) early to take a lead into the final run.

Ladies and gents, your Olympic slopestyle skiing podium. Photo: Screenshot from LIVE feed

But it was the last run that proved decisive, with her teammate Hoefflin, stealing the top spot, putting together a top-to-bottom masterpiece capped by a massive switch double 900 safety (two flips, and two and a half spins, taking off backwards while holding the outside of the ski).

The 27-year-old that began slopestyle skiing in college, is now her sport's second Olympic gold medalist, earning a 91.20 on her final run.

Maggie Voisin was the United Sattes' best shot at a medal, sliding into third place with back-to-back left and right side rodeo 900s on her third run, but she was bumped off of the podium by Great Britain's Isabel Atkin who put her own pair of 900s to her feet and cleaned up with a technical rail section up top.

America's other competitor, Devin Logan, couldn't crack the top six, but still has the halfpipe skiing competition to look for her second Olympic medal. When she drops into the pipe next week, she will be the first skier, man or woman, to compete in both the slopestyle and halfpipe disciplines in the Olympics.

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