Devin Logan listens to DMX while riding; photo by Javier Soriano/AFP/Getty Images

A well-known rapper helped freeskier Devin Logan win a silver medal in slopestyle at the Winter Olympics in Sochi this week, and it was an angel in Germany who made it all possible.

In an interview with NBC, Logan explained her winning run and how she pumps herself up by listening to rapper DMX.

DMX "Summer Anthems Tour" - Essington, PA

Rapper DMX; photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

"I just get into it, I don't know, get in the zone and listen to the lyrics before I drop in," she said. "It's usually DMX, though, 'X Gonna Give it to Ya,' and then just a deep breath and then it's go time. I kinda forget the music's going once I drop in. Then it's all just smooth sailing from there."

Logan might not have been able to "get in the zone" had she been without her iPhone. And for a while, she was extremely worried she would be without it.

Last week, the freeskier went through team processing in Munich, Germany, and as she was going through security she suddenly realized her iPhone had fallen out of her pocket on a shuttle.

"I needed my music," she told USA Today. "That's the main thing I was stressing out about. I was like, 'Does someone have [an iPod] shuffle? Can I upload my music? Can I borrow someone's shuffle?' I need music to ski and ride."

Miraculously, within days Logan got her phone back. A Good Samaritan had found the phone, saw a Facebook message from Logan’s mother, Nancy, and sent her a message.

Nancy contacted her daughter's PR person, who contacted USOC officials, who had the man drop the phone off at their Munich hotel. Soon the phone and Logan's music were on a flight bound for Sochi.

"There's still some nice people in the world," Logan told USA Today.

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