Trevor Gordon’s silky style has become a welcome staple along Santa Barbara’s sheltered right points. A couple months back, he took some roads less traveled to camp, surf, and strum along with a couple good friends. The 23-year-old surfer, artist, and new Teva team rider stepped into the media grinder upon his return.
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Surely there are no “typical” days in your life, but can you take us through your normal routine?

Wake up. Have some coffee and a bagel. Check my emails. Feed the chickens and water the garden. Check the surf. Surf. It's noon-ish now, so probably grab lunch and do some art or work on a project. Check the waves and surf in the evening. Come home after and make a big dinner...and have a fire.

Trevor Gordon approaching top trim speed in Mexico. Photo: Burkard

Trevor Gordon approaching top trim speed in Mexico. Photo by Burkard

Music makes the world go ’round. What’s on your iPod this winter?

Hmm.... Well, let’s see. Some M. Ward, Johnny Cash, The Be Good Tanyas, Laura Marling, lots of French Bossa Nova.... Helps when doing art. Johnny Flynn, Mason Jennings, The Grateful Dead. Too many to name.

How did you first get into your sport?

My dad pushed me into my first wave, so I suppose that's the real kick-off.

What was it that made you gravitate toward this lifestyle?

It’s just what has felt the most natural. The thought of pursuing anything else just wouldn't feel right. The people that fill this community are the best in the world, and it's that that keeps me stoked.

Gordon's quiver is as colorful and creative as his surfing. Photo: Burkard

Gordon’s quiver is as colorful and creative as his surfing. Photo by Burkard

OK, so you’re new to the Teva team. What’s your favorite Teva shoe?

The classic original sandal.

What other piece of gear can you not live without?

My Patagonia sweater.

Favorite place your sport has taken you?


Artists are all quirky. Do you have any pre-sport superstitions, rituals, or routines?

No bananas on the boat!

Worst sports-related injury?

Big fin cut above my left knee.

Scariest moment ever?

Probably the fin-cut moment, being way off the coast of Fiji, not knowing if there was a hospital around and finding out it was an hour by boat.

What are your other interests?

Art, design, photography, gardening, fishing, slingshots.

What's cool?

Earth tones.

What's lame?

Primary colors.