Rapid response with Kiron Jabour

Firing questions at the up-and-coming Pipeline charger

Kiron Jabour at Pipeline; frame grab from video

Kiron Jabour at Pipeline; frame grab from video

Born and bred on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Kiron Jabour is what you'd call a "2 to 20" surfer, meaning he can surf in anything from 2-foot slop to 20-foot widow-makers. It's an elite club, and members read like a who's who of the surf world. Running with a crew led by John John Florence, Jabour and company push each other to the limit in waves of consequence--and have loads of fun in the small stuff.

From dawn 'til dusk, walk us through your dream day.
Wake up at home around 5:30 a.m. and hear the waves pumping, make a cup of coffee and get psyched! Start texting my friends--John John, Nathan, and Ivan Florence, Koa Rothman, and Eli Olson--to hear that Pipeline is firing! Then we gather up and watch it for a bit and see guys get blown out of huge barrels. Paddle out and surf for hours while watching everyone catch the craziest barrels of their lives; stoke levels are high by this point! After that, go eat a huge breakfast burrito at Kono's in Haleiwa, go back and score more firing Pipe all afternoon. Finally we come in, watch the sunset, drink some beers, barbecue with the boys, and talk about how sick the day was. Best day ever!

Who's in your personal hall of fame?
Bethany Hamilton. She's so humble and just a great person. She might be the best girl I've ever seen at getting barreled--and she only has one arm! Andy Irons, too. I grew up watching Andy and he inspired me a lot. I remember when I was around 13 or 14 years old and surfing Lowers, he said, "What's up?" and somehow knew my name. I was so stoked! Kelly Slater. I grew up watching him surf and he inspires me to this day.

"The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. Mainly because it's one of the few books I've ever finished.

Two-to-twenty club member Kiron Jabour; frame grab from video

Two-to-20 Club member Kiron Jabour; frame grab from video

What are you watching?
I'm always watching movies; I'm addicted. I like watching how they're shot and directed. I wish I had budgets and cameras like those guys have.

AC/DC, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and 50 Cent.

What's your world view?
Treat everyone how you would like to be treated.

Who would you invite to your private party?
Victoria's Secret models and lots of 'em.

I'm sorry...
For pulling back on some big waves.

Embarrassing moment?
When John John posted a picture of me holding a koala on Instagram--that sucked!

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