Mutant machines and motorcycles star in film

‘MILES’ features footage of real motocross athletes in California


Man meets machine in proof-of-concept film “MILES”; photo is a screen shot

Teenage dirt bike riders and oversized robots--sounds like the premise of the next Michael Bay explosion-fest.

Still, count us in for this one if it ever gets the funding it needs to become a full-length feature. “MILES” is a six-minute proof-of-concept film about a teenage dirt bike rider named Miles who comes across M.A.X., a rogue prototype of a mechanical military creation built to replace American solders in combat.

Shooting with the raw grittiness of “District 9” (a film also funded after its proof-of-concept caught the attention of producers), the filmmakers spent time embedding themselves in the off-road dirt bike culture of Southern California, so their final product features actual motocross athletes riding side-by-side with up-and-coming actors.

It's an artistic exploration of the relationship between man and machine--dirt bike and giant battle robot.

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