Grown-up treehouse homes are in high demand. Photo is a screen shot, courtesy of The Atlantic

There's a slow and steady movement toward smaller living spaces (just queue up Netflix favorites like “TINY” to see what we mean), but we weren't totally convinced to fork over our square footage until we saw this: the grown-up treehouse.

In a new short documentary from The Atlantic, we get a glimpse at some young-at-heart adults who are transforming the childhood staple into a grown-up residence. Their arbor abodes enlist smart details like artificial tree limbs for added support, running water, and high-end décor, their creators finding loopholes in building permits to make their dreams a reality.

"It's a new industry," says Michael Garnier, the founder of a resort made up entirely of treehouses. "Treehouses are becoming more and more adult.”

The houses are being used as rentals, guest houses, man caves, offices, and even regular, full-time homes. And with some "treesorts" racking up a yearlong waiting list, we're ready to pull out some 2X4s and climb a tree ourselves (hopefully Dad won't have to help out this time). Watch the short clip now:

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