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Olympic National Park is less than two hours from my house (give or take a ferry ride), but despite that, I've never really explored its interior. Lucky for me, Jim and Will Pattiz, two brothers from Georgia, got in there for me and shot video of all the coolest parts. The results are beautiful. They spent a month traversing the park, putting together a timelapse video that includes the rainforests of the Hoh River Valley and the Olympic peaks. It's the first in a series they're calling “More Than Just Parks,” which will eventually look at all 59 of the American National Parks.

Their second project was Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is the most visited park in the country. They shot otters and elk, as well as changing leaves and tourists passing through.

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"Visiting a national park is a life-changing experience—one that we want to encourage everyone to have," Jim says. "Whether it’s stopping to peer over the seemingly endless expanses of the Grand Canyon, or watching a bison’s icy breath as he stares at a familiar geyser, or seeing the tired sun dip into the outstretched arms of a waiting saguaro cactus."

More than just parks

The Pattiz brothers shooting in the Smokies

They haven't said which park they're heading to next, but they're shooting this winter, and they’re going to keep rolling out videos. If you want to support the project you can donate on their website. "Our greatest hope is that the short films we create will inspire folks to get out there and experience the parks for themselves," Jim says.

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