Jon Rose just made it so easy to help people on your next trip for World Water Day

The _ForWater program and mobile app allows travelers to become couriers for clean water

_Forwater waves for water

The _ForWater app helps anyone organize and execute a clean water courier project from his or her phone. Photo: Courtesy of Waves for Water

If you’re debating booking a surf trip to Panama, or a hut-to-hut trek through Nepal, allow us to tip the scales: You can now help provide clean drinking water to people in need there … just by using your phone.

To help celebrate World Water Day today, Waves for Water -- an initiative on a mission to provide clean water to every person who needs it -- is launching the _ForWater app, which is a technological solution that will help travelers create, fundraise and execute their own clean water projects around the world.

The idea was inspired by the success of pro surfer, (and Waves for Water founder) Jon Rose’s Clean Water Courier Program, which has provided clean water to more than eight million people worldwide over the past six years. The _ForWater platform is the next phase in the program. It aims to change the way we think about humanitarianism in the digital age.

_forwater waves for water

The _ForWater mobile app makes it easy to fundraise and purchase water filtration systems. Photo: Courtesy of Waves for Water

“Our mission is to get clean water to every single person who needs it, and _ForWater makes it easier than ever for people to participate in that process,” Rose tells GrindTV. “You can order dinner or hail a cab from your phone -- why not use it to take global change into your own hands?”

The approach is two-prong: The _ForWater app is available as a free download for the iPhone and available for Android users via the mobile platform today on World Water Day (the annual event to bring awareness to the global water crisis). Simply plan your trip, download the app and create your own fundraising page to allow friends and family to donate toward the purchase of water filters that you’ll take with you on your travels. Next, you connect with the _ForWater community to reach pre-existing aid groups, then pack up the compact filtration systems (each can provide one million gallons of clean water, enough for 100 people for roughly five years) and deliver them. The _ForWater app makes it that easy.

_forwater waves for water

One filtration system can provide one million gallons of clean water, enough for 100 people. Photo: Courtesy of Waves for Water

The _ForWater program is available for download today in honor of World Water Day. The website has also launched today and can be visited at

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